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Tana Bana OST Song Download Mp3

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Mp3 Song Tana Bana OST OST Play Online

Tana Bana OST MP3 Download

Listen online or download Tana Bana OST in MP3 without dialogues. The title song of Tana Bana is beyond expectation and it is going to be a massive hit.

Tana Bana OST Mp3 song By Amanat Ali.

Listen online or download this beautiful song in the beautiful voice of Amanat Ali.

Tana Bana OST is sung by Amanat Ali. Listen this song online or download in MP3 format from busyroute.com

Tana Bana OST is one of the best ost sung by Amanat Ali.

Download Tana Bana Drama Song in mp3

Tana Bana OST MP3 Download

To download Tana Bana OST by Amanat Ali in high quality MP3, then please click on the below image:

Tana Bana OST MP3 Download

Tana Bana OST Lyrics


Tana Bana OST Credits:

Hum Sitaaro Ki Chaalon Pe Kar Ke Yaqeen, Pyaar Ki Raah Se Phool Chuntay Rahe

Float Away with Tanaa Banaa’s Profound and Mystical OST

OST “Tanaa Banaa”
Singer: Amanat Ali
Lyrics: Imam Raza & Hassaan Imam
Music Director: Naveed Nashad
D.O.P & Edit : Anas Saqib
Music Video Director: Kashif K Afridi
Post : Kashif Ahmed ( Kashi)
Writer: Hassaan Imam
Director: Saife Hasan
Producer: Momina Duraid

About Tana Bana Drama:

The cast of the new drama serial on HumTV will feature some big and some new names from the Pakistani industry. A few veteran actors are making a come back with this drama. The inclusion of these names is expected to create huge hype in the audience.

Here is who will be in the cast of drama serial Tana Bana.

Danyal Zafar
Javeria Abbasi
Komal Rizvi
Amir Qureshi
Hassan Noman
Details of the Drama Serial Tana Bana
Tana Bana is a romantic story between a boy and a girl who are very different from each other. The boy, portrayed by Danyal Zafar, believes in horoscope. According to Danyal Zafar, the story will follow “A boy who believes in stars comes across a girl who isn’t exactly a match for him based on their horoscope but he still goes for it and it’s this entire thing on how the girl has her own ambitions, and her life revolves around the marriage. How she stands up for herself and how that causes a shift in the family dynamics. So just comedy, romance, pain, etc.”

The drama is directed by Saifee Hassan and will be produced by Momina Duraid Productions. The drama serial Tana Bana is going to be aired this Ramadan on HumTV. No concrete timing and date of airing is announced yet.

Credit :: Description About Tana Bana is Quoted From beam.pk

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